Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day! (And happy birthday, Albert Einstein!)

I made this picture tiny on purpose 
Today at the college a man was handing out mini pies in honor of Pi Day.  "It's Pi Day!  3.14--March 14th, get it?!"

It was corny, but it still brought a smile to my face.

This is my third year to make Oreo Truffles for Pi Day.  I mean, everyone makes a pie.  And Oreo Truffles are...spherical...ish.  (Ok, making a pie makes more sense, but my palate favors Oreos.  Sue me.)

Every year I forget how ridiculously time-consuming these are to make, and every year they turn out so much more beautiful in my head than in real life (last year I was able to drizzle a π on each candy...this year I couldn't quite master it so I just plopped chocolate on each one).  But...they sure are tasty.

In other news, today is also Einstein's 133rd birthday!  So, happy birthday to one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century.

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