Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Chapter

The past three years I've taught math at the introductory college level.  And I've loved it.  The last year of this three-year gig has been spent teaching concurrent high school juniors and seniors College Algebra.  I had the privilege of teaching some amazing high school students classes sponsored by the local community college.  I loved everything about my job.  So much so, that I distinctly remember telling my husband a couple months ago that if the high school I taught at offered me a job, I would seriously consider switching from college to high school teaching.

And they did!

So I accepted!

I know there are a few things I'm giving up by taking a break from the college scene (there's a reason I went straight for a Master's in math), but there's so much I'm looking forward to.

What I can't wait for
  •  Quadruple the amount of time spent with students.  Give or take.  I've felt that it's really challenging to make an impact on my students when I only get them for three hours a week, for sixteen weeks.  Once you factor in holidays and test days, I get to talk to them about forty hours.  That's the amount of time most people spend with their co-workers in one week.  I'm not saying you can't make a difference as a college instructor; I know many, many people who do.  I'm just saying, I'm excited to be with the students more.
  • The ability to cover material more thoroughly.  College classes go by so fast.  I'm excited to be able to take my time and, hopefully, not feel as rushed.
  • Collaboration.  Having taught at this school already, I know the types of teachers I'll be working with.  They're amazing, and I can't wait to learn from them.  As a college instructor, I've really felt alone in my teaching.  I don't think teaching is supposed to be a solo project.  Now it won't be.
  • Concerts, games, talent shows, etc.  I'm ready to be a part of school that has amazing school spirit!
What I'll miss
  • Not having to teach until 9 AM.
  • FERPA.
  • The ability to fail a student and not have it questioned.

All in all, I feel I'm gaining much more than I'm losing.  I'm really thrilled to be teaching at the high school level; although, I'm definitely scared out of my mind.  I've said from Day One that I'm extremely passionate about seeing high schools and colleges have conversations about how to make education a more continuous process from grades 12 to 13.  I'm hoping that gaining high school teaching experience will allow me to someday be a voice for programs that enable high school students to start their college or technical careers early.

So, starting in August, I'll be teaching Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc!  I'll be staying on as an adjunct at the community college, but, rest assured, I'm taking this fall semester off!


  1. Congratulations, and please keep posting! I really enjoy your blog and your ideas.

  2. Congrats! But no calc, aaahhh!! There aren't that many of us calculus blogging!

    1. I know. :( I've been told maybe next year. I'm crossing my fingers.


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