Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Letters

Last year I wrote every one of my kids a personal note at the end of the year.  It was a valiant attempt, but with 140 kids, I vowed never to do that again.  Even though I tried to personalize all of them, after a while, they all started to sound the same, and they weren't really anything of substance.
I decided to write only two letters this year--one to my seniors and one to my juniors (I don't teach any other grade).  I could try to explain both my love and disdain for these letters, but Sam Shah pretty much summed it up a few days ago here.  
I wish I could put into words all my emotions; I wish I could write exactly what I want these kids to know.  I wish a letter would suffice, but it never will.  Regardless, I attempted a one-page note.
I feel a little vulnerable publishing these for anyone to read.  But when I blog, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the details of lessons, that who I am as a teacher maybe doesn't quite come through.  So this is a small attempt to combat that.

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