Sunday, March 1, 2015

Two more things

Last week, Sam shared two organizational things he does that help keep his classroom running smoothly.  I love reading things like this from real-life teachers as opposed to promotional magazines.  So, I thought I'd share two things I do, too.  They're not life-changing by any means, but they do help me.

#1:  Class Baskets
I give a lot of handouts.  I put all the extra handouts in one of these three baskets:

Baskets labeled "AP Calculus," "Pre-Calculus," and "Algebra"
If students were absent (or if they lost a handout), they know where to look.

#2:  Copy Folders
I, like Sam, try to avoid making too many trips to the copier.  I have a folder labeled "To Copy" that I stick any papers in that need to be copied (revolutionary, I know).  Inside this folder, I also keep a post-it with the total number of students in each course.  After I make copies, I stick them in these folders and then pull them out whenever I need them:

The back folder is my "To Copy" folder;
the rest of the folders hold all my handouts prior to passing them out

Bonus:  Chocolate
I keep a small stash of slightly overpriced chocolate near my desk at all times.  Kids can be awesome.  But they can also be quite terrible.  Sometimes, though, my mind can be cleared with a little bit of sugar.  And, all of a sudden, the kid's words/actions do not seem quite so egregious.  Or the stack of tests to grade doesn't seem too overwhelming.  Or spring break doesn't seem so far away...

Also, my colleagues know I keep chocolate behind my desk and if they've had a bad day, all they have to say is, "Do you have some chocolate...?"

That's my bonus advice for you.  Deep, huh? ;)


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