Thursday, April 16, 2015

Calculus Flip Book!

Shireen, at Math Teacher Mambo, posted this fabulous flip book that she had her AP Calculus AB kids make last year.  I was in love the moment I saw it.  In the comments, she also posted a link of a video that gives directions on how to make said flip book.

I made my own this week (I changed a few things, but the general format is the same):

I plan to have my kids make this in class next week.  Since I did change a few pieces, and I didn't really want my kids on their phones looking at the video the whole class period, I made written directions:

The kids will write everything (and I do mean everything) that I have in the directions; they will find their own examples for the highlighted portions.

I haven't vetted this yet, so there very well may be typos, but I thought some of you might want this sooner rather than later, since the AP Exam is in nineteen days...but who's counting...? ;)


  1. Neat idea. I'll be giving it a try next week. (p.s. You are also my Week 1 for the "Explore Math Blogosphere assignment")

    1. Awesome! Let me know how it goes. Hope "Explore MTBoS" is going well!

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