Saturday, January 26, 2013

A good little Pre-Calc Problem

Write the equation of a rational function with the following properties:
  • A zero at x=4
  • A vertical asymptote of x=2
  • A slant asymptote of y=x-3


  1. Rebecka

    I LOVE questions like this one. I challenge my Honors kids with these types of problems. I make a big deal of asking for AN equation rather than THE equation for questions like this because I want them thinking about different ways to structure such equations. Even when I know there is one logical answer, I want them thinking about possibilities.

    1. Very good point, Mr. Dardy. Honestly, before I worked through the solution, I thought, "Is there really just one such function?" The struggle is always's just a matter of convincing students of this fact. :)


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