Monday, January 14, 2013

#Made4Math :: Trolley Cart

Over break, I bought something that changed my life.

The 10-drawered, 5-colored cart you see up there?  How perfect is that for a teacher who teaches five classes a day?  Why did it take me this long discover this little jewel?

This is how I'm using it:  each of my five classes corresponds to a color, and each class has both an "In" drawer and an "Out" drawer.  Students deposit their work in their correct in-box, and if I have a handout or worksheet for absent students, I simply write their name on the paper and stick it in the out-box.  No more, "What did I miss yesterday?"!

I've only been using the cart for a week, but I'm already in love with it.  The kids seem to really like it, too, actually.  Several of my Pre-Calc kids kept marveling, "How did you find something so...perfect?" (I love my nerds.)  In addition to the ten drawers, there's also a flat surface on the top, which I've used a lot, too.

I'm certain I'm not the first to have discovered this gem-cart, but I still thought I'd pass along the wonderful news.  Here's a picture of my cart with its labels.  My cart was fairly cheap ($30 at Walmart), but I think it will hold up just fine.

If you go get one, you can even use my labels that took me a whole sixty seconds to make:

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